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4 Benefits of Using LED Pool Lighting

4 Benefits of Using LED Pool Lighting

It has traditionally been standard to make use of halogen or incandescent bulb when installing pool lighting. While those two methods have certainly proved that they are well suited for pool lighting, new developments in recent years look to become the new standard. We're talking, of course, about LED pool lighting. LED is the next generation in high-quality pool lighting and can be one of the absolute best ways to add a level of visual interest to your pool as a whole.

The reason that LED pool lighting has been catching on so quickly is thanks mainly to the whole host of benefits it brings. To help highlight what a few of those are and what they can bring to your pool, our electrician team has taken the time to put together this short list that we hope you will take a few short minutes to read through.

Energy Efficiency

While it is true that halogen and incandescent bulbs are more affordable at the moment, LED lighting is far more energy-efficient. While they might run you a bit more in upfront costs, LED pool lighting can wind up saving you a fair amount of money in the long run as the cost to run it is much lower than its more standard counterparts. For the best in long term savings, LED pool lighting is the way to go.

Lower Maintenance

Another significant benefit of LED pool lighting is that it generally requires fewer replacement lamps than either halogen or incandescent lighting systems. On average, the diodes in LED lamps last about 20 times longer than the filaments in halogen or incandescent bulbs. Even though your initial bulbs will cost a bit more, they are likely going to last you a great deal longer, helping you save money in the long run.

Enhanced Durability

Compared to more standard halogen or incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs are designed to last much, much longer. Each LED bulb is designed to last for over 20,000 hours and produce bright light without generating much heat like more traditional bulbs. By reducing the amount of heat these bulbs produce, wear is minimized, and the likelihood that you will get all 20,000 hours of use from your bulbs is much more likely.

Increase Poolside Visibility

In addition to all of the benefits listed above, LED pool lighting can provide you with a more effective way to enhance the visibility around your pool area. This enhanced visibility will not only make nighttime use of your pool much safer, but it can also help when entertaining both family and friends as well.

What your neighbors say about us.

Brandon was professional, communicated well, did quality work fairly quickly and cleaned up. He installed new smoke alarms throughout, rewired some LED lights in the kitchen that were blinking, and hung a ceiling fan.

Peter Williams
October 27, 2021

This is the second time I have used Adis Electric, and they continue to be awesome. I needed my smoke alarms/detectors replaced. Brandon came out to evaluate the situation and helped me pick the solution that made the most sense. (And when he needed the extra tall ladder brought over for my 15 ft ceiling, the owner came over for a bit, too.) Also, Adis Electric gets all the bonus points for their attention to details and cleanliness (testing batteries, making sure I had paint to touch up an area before removing an excessive detector, vacuuming after themselves, and wearing shoe covers)! I thought it would just be a consultation, but they did the whole job that day.

Victoria Smith
October 20, 2021

Brandon was experienced, professional, and actually fixed the problem when both a handyman and a different electrician from another 5 star rated company could not figure it out. He took the time to find the root of the electrical issue and repair it. Also, he instantly identified a potential electrical hazard outside that we were unaware of. He repaired it and we are happy with the work done. Will hire again.

Dedra Weiss
October 20, 2021

Brandon was extremely professional and detailed with his work. When he came back for the instillation, he was quick and efficient with this time and cleaned up after he finished. I would recommend to anyone who needed electrical work. Cost was appropriate for the job.

Nicole green
October 13, 2021

Very professional and very kind!

The Baos
September 3, 2021