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How Does Surge Protection Work?

How Does Surge Protection Work?

Surge protection is an integral part of a safe electrical system. Your electrician will recommend surge protectors for your Addison home if you don't already have any devices designed to prevent power surges. Surge protectors allow homeowners to plug multiple appliances and devices into one power outlet without creating a hazard.

What Are Power Surges?

Power surges, also known as transient voltages, occur when the voltage drastically rises above the appropriate level. Typically, residential properties in the United States have a standard voltage of 120 volts. Voltage measures a difference in electric potential energy as an electric current travels from one end of a wire to another. You may hear your electrician use the terms "spike" and "surge." A spike is an increase of voltage that lasts less than three nanoseconds, and a surge is an increase that lasts at least three nanoseconds. Power surges are caused by lightning strikes, damaged wiring, downed power lines, complications with your utility company's equipment, and the use of high-power electrical devices and appliances.

How Does Surge Protection Prevent Damage?

Without proper surge protection, your electronic devices are susceptible to damage caused by power surges. A surge causes the wiring to burn up. If it doesn't destroy the device, it will stress the internal components, reducing the device's useful life. Surge protectors save your electronic devices from power surges and spikes by redirecting the excess electricity to the outlet's grounding wire. They divert the surges while permitting the standard current to power electronic devices plugged into the surge protectors outlet. Gas discharge arrestors are gas tubes that use inert gas as a conductor between the hot line and the ground line to divert electricity.

Surge protectors have slight delays before redirecting a power surge, so shorter response times mean that your electronic devices will be exposed to a surge for shorter periods. Your electrician will probably suggest that you purchase a surge protector with a response time of less than one nanosecond. If you have questions about surge protection and want to ensure that the devices and appliances in your Addison home are protected, reach out to a skilled electrician at Adis Electric.

What your neighbors say about us.

Ardis did a great job! He was here to install new fans and light fixtures. On time, honest and a high quality of workmanship! We are keeping him on Speed dial for any other electrical needs! Thank you!

Julie Kolman
June 9, 2021

We’ve had both Adis and Brandon out for electrical work and were very pleased with the outcome both times. Brandon replaced several light fixtures in our new build and did a great job. They were able to come out pretty quickly and Brandon was professional and knowledgeable. When we had a problem with our new dryer not working in our new house, we contacted them again. Adis was able to come out the same day and diagnosed the problem. In addition to the dryer being damaged by the appliance installation crew (and unsafe to use), he found and corrected improper wiring at both the dryer outlet and the breaker box. We were relieved to finally have the problem fixed after getting the run-around from both the appliance company and the builder. Adis explained everything he was doing and documented it. Very reasonable charge for the diagnostic and repair work he did. We will definitely use them again. I would highly recommend ADIS Electric!

Carolyn Kirschner
May 23, 2021

Adis was great. He was courteous, knowledgeable, and thorough, all with having a very customer-centric attitude. I highly recommend for any job which requires a professional electrician. He was able to resolve one issue and recommend clear next steps for another minor one.

Garrett Myer
May 22, 2021

Adis Electric replaced recessed can lights that were defective and not up to code. Adis and Brandon were very professional and took the time to address my questions and concerns. Their work met my expectations I would 100% recommend Adis Electric for any of your electrical needs.

David Thompson
May 21, 2021

Adis and Brandon did a fantastic job repairing and upgrading our panel as well as installing a new run. The work had previously been done by a terrible contractor. Adis was able to explain all the issues clearly, set up a plan to fix them and execute on time and with excellent work. I was able to speak to the Plano city electrical inspector when he came by and he said Adis always does fantastic work. Adis is the first person I'm going to call from now on for any electrical work.

Michael Rockey
May 13, 2021