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Commercial Electrical Inspections to Avoid Code Violations

Commercial Electrical Inspection Professionals

If you haven't yet had to worry about a code violation, keep our number handy. It's a good idea to make sure you get a commercial electrical inspection done now. We are your expert in commercial electrician services, so let us help you to be sure everything is up to code and operating safely.

Avoiding a code violation in every way possible now, by making any repairs or corrections found after our commercial electrical inspection, will save your Plano area business and yourself a world of trouble later.

As the building owner, you'll have a limited amount of time to hire an electrician and fix the problems, or else the county or city will have the authority to close down access to the building until the issues have been corrected.

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Commercial Electrical Inspections To Help You Avoid Code Corrections

Avoiding code compliance issues is always better than waiting to see what happens. With our commercial electrical inspections and any necessary follow up repair or maintenance, you can ensure that your building's electrical system is always ready to get inspected.

Plano area businesses can get code violations because of improper repair work that leads to a potentially severe electrical hazard. Keep the following points in mind:

  • The alterations made to the electrical system are, in many cases, very dangerous but difficult to find and locate, as they're often hidden behind walls, up in ceilings, or outdoors.
  • There are two levels of Electrical Codes; National and Local. National electrical codes need to be reviewed every four years by electricians since this is when they're updated. There may be county and city codes, so be sure your electrician is local to the area.
  • The licensed commercial electrical contractor needs to stay always up to date with all local electrical code changes.

Adis Electric has been a certified and licensed commercial electrician in Plano and the surrounding areas for years. Our team of professionals is experienced and can be trusted to handle your residential or commercial electrical inspections so that your building stays up to date and compliant with all electrical safety code standards.

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