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Electricians For Commercial Remodeling and Construction For Your Plano Area Business

Commercial Remodeling and Construction

If you need an electrician who specializes in commercial remodeling and construction for your Plano business, contact Adis Electric to set up a free consultation and estimate.

An experienced electrician can do a lot to help your business in Plano to function more safely and efficiently. You may want to make some electrical improvements for commercial remodeling or need help with upgrading the entire electrical system just after purchasing an older building.

No matter what you need in terms of electrical remodeling and construction, we'd love to become your go-to service expert. We can help you with the electrical design and installation and then be here for a wide range of other commercial electrician services throughout the years.

One of the biggest reasons to hire our experts for commercial remodeling and construction is for electrical safety. However, there are also many reasons you may need to call us, including electrical upgrades that improve employee efficiency or your customer's experience with your services. Our Plano professionals are ready to provide you with a quote.

Your Electrical Remodel Specialists

Many of the older commercial buildings in the Plano and the surrounding area need certain commercial electrical upgrades for safety. If you're trying to make your building safer or upgrade specific systems like the lighting, we can take care of the electrical design and installation for commercial remodeling and construction for you.

Updating the breaker panels throughout the building is crucial to conform to the safety building code ordinances in Plano. As you probably already know, commercial remodeling and construction violations come with hefty fines. Let us help you with panel upgrades and the other work your building needs so that you can avoid fines or penalties for operating with an outdated service panel.

Since we've been local for many years and are well versed in both commercial & residential electrical safety codes, Adis Electric can help your business stay in compliance.

Old Commercial Building? You May Need Important Commercial Electrical Upgrades

Commercial remodeling and construction can improve the production and efficiency of your Plano area business. There are so many different ways you can upgrade the electrical system in your building that will improve the overall bottom line of your operations, just by choosing a few different things to automate so that everything functions more consistently and efficiently.

Isn't the typical everyday tasks your employees perform already enough without them having to run around and turn the lights on and off at each switch? Letting us design and install a central lighting control center is the answer. Or how about installing an intercom system in the back of the building so that employees can reach you in the front office without having to walk back and forth every time you or they need something?

Here is a list of a few other modern electrical upgrades that can make your business more efficient.

  • LED lighting retrofits for energy savings
  • Video camera security system with intercoms
  • Automated outdoor lighting systems
  • Automated overhead lighting systems
  • Backup power systems
  • Standby generators
  • Smart hubs
  • Automated lighting systems
  • Smart security systems
  • Programmable mood lighting
  • Programmable display lighting
  • Surge protection for computer equipment, phone lines, printers, networking
  • Surge protection for the entire building to protect all your electronics and appliance assets
  • Wi-Fi Thermostats for smart systems

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