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Commercial Panel Upgrades For Your Plano Area Business

Commercial Panel Upgrades

If you need commercial electrical panel upgrades for your Plano area commercial building, contact Adis Electric. Whether there's an electrical problem that you're concerned with or you want to install new electrical breaker boxes and electrical circuits for heavy equipment or a commercial appliance you've just purchased, count on us as your reliable electrician.

Overloading the electrical system without an electrical panel upgrade can be dangerous. Likewise, using heavy appliances that should be connected to dedicated circuits on commercial electrical breaker boxes can most definitely be hazardous. Play it safe with your business and assets and get the electrical work done if you need it.

Call us whenever you need commercial electrician services in Plano or the surrounding areas. We offer free estimates to help you save!

  • Reasonable Estimates
  • Expert Service
  • Licensed & Experienced Electrical Contractors

Electrical Panel Upgrades, Breaker Boxes, and Electrical Circuits

There are many times when the current electrical system in a commercial building needs to be fortified and upgraded. One example is when a Plano business expands and buys new heavy equipment, but the existing electrical system can't support the power needs of the machinery.

New wiring, commercial electrical panel upgrades, and dedicated electrical circuits may need to be installed in order to safely supply the electricity without overloading the system.

Commercial panel upgrades and installing a new electrical circuit takes skill. So be sure to call our experienced and licensed Plano electrical contractors for help. We install new wiring for all types of electrical upgrades, including remodeling and additions, additional outdoor lighting installations, new heavy equipment, commercial generators, boilers, electric water heaters, and more.

  • Commercial electrical breaker boxes for new appliances & water heaters
  • Dedicated circuits and wiring for heavy appliances
  • Service panel & branch circuit upgrades
  • Service upgrades

Commercial Electrical Panel Repairs

Bad commercial electrical breaker boxes in commercial buildings can affect the entire electrical system. If you need a commercial electrical panel upgrade or there's a general problem that needs troubleshooting, call our electricians.

  • Frequent breaker trips
  • Lights flicker or surges happen too frequently
  • Outlets quit working
  • Power bill shoots up
  • Equipment burns out for no apparent reason

We can inspect your commercial building's electrical system to identify what needs to be upgraded. Whether it's an electrical repair or major electrical work you're facing, we'll always provide you with honest advice you can trust.

  • Breaker Replacement
  • Wiring Repairs
  • Wiring Replacement
  • Electrical Circuit Repairs
  • Electrical Panel Replacements
  • Energy Efficiency Improvements

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