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EV Fleet Management Stations For Your Plano Business

EV Fleet Management

If you've already added or are planning to add a few electric vehicles to your fleet in the Plano area, call Adis Electric for information on EV Fleet Management Stations. We are your local specialist in Commercial EV Charging stations, offering expert installation and repairs in Plano and the surrounding areas.

EV Fleet Management Stations are installed by our master electrician, who can assist you with information on the equipment available. We offer flexible solutions to all types of commercial and municipal clients who plan to capitalize on this relatively new technology. If you're ready to get ahead of the competition, we can provide you with the equipment and services unique to your business.

To get more information about the EV Fleet Management Stations we offer and install in Plano and the surrounding areas, call us at 214-613-1000 or use our request form.

  • Licensed, Insured & Bonded
  • Complete Commercial Electrical
  • Residential & Commercial EV Stations
  • Competitive Rates & Expert Installations

Easy To Organize Your EV Fleet

Organizing a fleet of vehicles isn't easy, as you well know. You need a simple solution to keep track of your EV fleet inventory and make sure the automobiles get fully fueled and are ready for the next day. The equipment we install is technologically advanced, allowing you many different ways to keep your fleet organized.

You'll know:

  • Who's driving the vehicle
  • The driver behavior while on the road
  • Who's in the driver's seat
  • Where vehicles area
  • Who's checking in and out, and when
  • What type of electric cars are in your fleet inventory

Electric Vehicles Are Efficient and Less Costly to Operate

One reason fleet managers choose to add electric vehicles to their inventory is that they're more efficient and less costly to operate. Your drivers will enjoy fewer scheduled stops. There's less maintenance involved, less downtime for drivers, and less upkeep required.

By adding just a few electric cars to your fleet, they can significantly lower the overhead cost of your Plano area business. By 2025, we expect that around 3% more fleet vehicles will be on the road. Getting a charging station installed today for your fleet can be a terrific means of staying ahead of your competition while ensuring a higher ROI.

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If you are looking for a specialist in EV Fleet Management Stations in Plano or the surrounding area, please call 214-613-1000 or complete our online request form