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Retail EV Stations

Imagine being able to offer your retail customers the solution they need to refuel their electric cars and other vehicles. A retail EV station installation by Adis Electric in Plano can provide the answer.

It's a convenient way to increase your sales and attract attention in the local communities your business serves. After your retail EV station installation, commuters and those living nearby may make stopping at your convenience store, grocery store, or retail outlet a part of their daily driving routine.

As a commercial EV charging specialist in Plano, Adis Electric can provide you with a retail EV station installation for your business. Let us send our qualified electrician to your location for an estimate and professional consultation. We'll answer all your questions about the equipment you need and the retail EV station installation process.

  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Licensed, Insured, and Certified Electricians
  • Quality Equipment and EV Charging Stations
  • Expert Installations and Repairs

Convenience For Your Retail Customers

Your retail business can always decide to expand and grow, but what better way to increase your sales and attract new customers than offering them what they truly need? Having a convenient and affordable way to fuel their electric car at their neighborhood shopping center or EV gas station is a win-win solution for your business and customers.

Attract New Business To Your Retail Store

Once people realize they can use your local retail EV station, you'll likely find that many new customers have taken notice of your establishment. After all, they will need a place to shop to fill the time it takes to refuel their cars. With our equipment, they'll see your location pop-up when doing a local station search!

Offers Seamless Operation For Your Business

Commercial charging stations can record and send data to your business so that you have a seamless way to track the additional revenue. It also allows you the option of collecting the data automatically and having it transferred directly into your business bank account.

Flexible Ways To Increase Sales

A retail facility needs flexible ways to increase sales regularly. You can choose to use your retail EV station as a way to offer specials and discounts to your customers or keep track of the users for later contact. You can also charge fees that are automatically collected or provide free charging with a specific purchase amount from your store!

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