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Aluminum Wiring Replacement For Your Plano Home

Aluminum Wiring Replacement

An aluminum wiring replacement might need to be done in older Plano area homes if they were built during the 1960s and late 1970s. Set up a competitive estimate with Adis Electric if your home needs an aluminum wiring replacement in Plano or the surrounding areas. We can send our electrician to your home for an evaluation and consultation.

When homes had aluminum wiring, they supported the power demands of the time. We use much more energy to power all the devices we own and use every day, and we seem to keep adding new gadgets and electronics that need to be charged or plugged in. Overloading old wiring, like this can make the electrical system overheat.

Keep in mind that an aluminum wiring replacement isn't always an absolute must. However, it is the only permanent solution since it's the aluminum wire that gets overheated and causes a fire hazard. Our electrician can inspect the wiring and recommend the best course of action if it's outdated.

Contact the professional electrical contractors at Adis Electric today if you believe you may need an aluminum wiring replacement, or you already know you do. We'd be available to take a look at the wires, panel, and other components, and then offer you our professional advice.

  • Licensed & Insured Electrician
  • Competitive Estimate & Consultation
  • All work conforms to Electrical Safety Codes

Signs That Could Mean You Need An Aluminum Wiring Replacement

If you live in an older home in Plano or the surrounding area, you may or may not know what type of wiring you have, or whether you need to replace it. An aluminum wiring replacement isn't always necessary. It's important to get honest advice from an electrical contractor you can trust.

Part of the reason you'll want to make sure to get a professional evaluation of the wiring is testing the electrical system. It's essential to make sure the current components can support the power demand of your Plano household.

Certain things happen when the wire in a house gets old. Usually, it's the insulation that wears out over time, slowly drying and decaying. The cause, though, is that aluminum wire gets overheated easily, catching the old insulation on fire.

Here are some resulting issues which you can watch out for listed below. If you're experiencing these problems, give us a call so that we can assist you as soon as possible.

  • You hear a loud popping noise whenever you plug something into an outlet.
  • There are faint burning rubber smells or something similar.
  • Your breakers won't stop tripping.
  • There's black soot or burn spots on your ceilings, walls, or around outlets or switches.
  • You can't use the microwave without dimming the lights.
  • Lights flicker or won't turn on.
  • The GFCI outlets won't stop tripping.
  • Outlets aren't working or spark.

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