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Professional Electrical Repair in Plano

We Provide Expert Electrical Repairs

Having electrical problems is frustrating for a homeowner, especially if it means finding a professional electrician at the spur of the moment to handle the electrical repair work.

If you're already in an emergency where you need electrical repair service in Plano or any other community we serve, just pick up the phone and ask for what you need to get help fast. Our professionals at Adis Electric can make everything easier to restore access to your power; you're not left on your own. We're available for electrical troubleshooting and repair services during regular business hours in Plano or after hours to assist you.

  • Licensed, Bonded, Insured Electricians
  • Expert Knowledge of National and Local Electrical Codes
  • Emergency Repairs Available
  • Free Estimates and Consultations
  • Serving Plano and Surrounding Areas

Reliable Electrical Repair Work

Adis Electric has been a certified and licensed electrician in Plano and the surrounding areas for years. Our team of professionals is experienced and can be trusted to handle your electrical repair as well as all the other services you may need over the coming years.

Our technicians fix all types of issues with home lighting, wiring, electrical panels, outlets, and other systems, and all of our work conforms to code.

There are two levels of Electrical Codes; National and Local. National electrical codes need to be reviewed every four years by electricians since this is when they're updated. The licensed professional needs to continually stay up to date with all local electrical code changes, whether they're doing residential or commercial jobs. Only an experienced electrical contractor like the ones at Adis Electric should be trusted when it comes to keeping your home or business up-to-date.

  • Past electrical repair work, or even simple wiring jobs, may have been done by previous building owners or those who weren't qualified.
  • Owners often attempt to handle the work themselves or hire an unlicensed maintenance person who may not realize they violated an electrical code.
  • There are also plenty of unskilled tradesmen in the Plano area who may be generally licensed but attempt to perform a simple installation job and unknowingly create a violation. It's best to start the project right by only hiring a licensed and experienced local pro who's passed hundreds of inspections before.
  • If you're a commercial property owner who has been subjected to a Plano or surrounding area building occupancy inspection, or need services of any kind for your home, Adis Electric is the electrical repair contractor to call.
Electrical Troubleshooting

Electrical Troubleshooting

The only thing that you should do, when you see a possible red flag for a problem relating to electricity, is to disconnect the power and make a call to our pros to take care of it for you. We have the capability to make sure that you get the care and safe service required to handle this type of job. The bottom line is that we care as much about addressing your service needs, promptly and professionally, as you do.

About Our Electrical Troubleshooting
Lighting Repair

Lighting Repair

When a light simply stops working, it means something has happened internally that caused it to stop working. Even if you discontinue use there could be a problem lingering in the walls or in the light itself. For the safety of your home, as well as your family, you owe it to yourself to have it looked at.

About Our Lighting Repair
Outlet Repair

Outlet Repair

It is always a surprise to us when we arrive at a home and find out an outlet has not been working for a long time, sometimes years. Or, even worse, that the outlet cover is charred or there is a lingering smoke smell present. The last thing that you should want, in your home, is to have anything lingering that is a telltale sign of a fire. So don't keep putting off taking care of these problems, as soon as they pop up.

About Our Outlet Repair

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