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Electrical Wiring For Your Plano Home

Electrical Wiring Experts

As an experienced electrician serving Plano and the surrounding areas, Adis Electric can do a lot to help you with the electrical wiring in your home. We offer electrical wiring replacement, installation, and repair in Plano and the surrounding areas for all types of purposes. You can depend on us for the repair and installation of wiring for appliances, lighting, outdoor outlets, electric car chargers, and more.

One of the most important reasons you may need electrical wiring is to upgrade the electrical system in your home for safety. But there may be reasons you need additional wiring and outlets for the sake of convenience, especially if you have an older house that lacks outlets for many of the modern appliances, amenities, and fixtures.

No matter the reasons you may need to call us, we're here to assist you with expert work and quality customer care. We take on all size residential wiring installation and appliance installation projects in the Plano area, including installing all-new outlets and lighting for room additions, EV car chargers, ceiling fans in a bedroom, or a new vent hood, grill, or wine cooler for an outdoor kitchen.

If you'd like to set up a competitive estimate with our electrical contractor, simply give us a call to tell us about your wiring project and get started! We'll work hard to become your go-to local expert!

Quality Electrical Wiring You Can Depend On

A reliable and safely powered electrical system is vital to help support your day-to-day activities at home. At Adis Electric, we provide the highest level of electrical contractor services available in the Plano area. All of our work is performed up to code by experienced and licensed electricians.

Whether you want to upgrade for convenience, or you have an older home that needs an electrical makeover, we're the go-to electrical contractor to call. Contact us for electrical wiring when you're making any kind of changes to your lifestyle or need another solution for your Plano area home. We'd love to become your go-to electrician. Please take a look at our electrician services and then give us a call with any questions!

Wiring May Be Unable To Keep Up With Your Power Demand

One reason you may need to make changes to the electrical system in your house is if it can't currently support the power demand of your household. Old knob-and-tube wiring and aluminum wire may need to be torn out and replaced if it can't keep up with the power load that you and your family may be asking of it. While most of the time, it's just the electrical panel that needs an upgrade, more could be going on.

Electrical Wiring Insulation Wears Out Over Time

The insulation wrapped around the electrical wires gets old over time, so it can get to the point where the material has started fraying or completely disintegrating. Wiring insulation can wear in certain spots wherever it's exposed. Damage to the wire insulation can also happen if it gets rubbed or cut by objects. The worst-case scenario is when all the wiring needs to be replaced simply due to its age. Our electrician can inspect the wires and recommend the best course of action if we find damage.

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