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Never Be Without Power in Your Plano Home With A Home Generator

If you're thinking about installing a home generator in the Plano area, Adis Electric offers quality products and installation services.

Our experienced electrician can install quality backup generators made for home use by trusted name brands such as GE and American Standard. The equipment we install offers you reliable, long-term operation and is backed by some of the best warranties available.

Home generators give you electricity for the essential home systems you need during a power outage in the Plano area. Having an emergency backup home generator can provide your family with the peace of mind knowing your lights, refrigerator, well pump, and HVAC equipment will keep working.

Benefits of a Standby Generator

  • Allows you to maintain safety and comfort level at home during emergencies.
  • Keeps food supply in refrigerator and freezer operating for extended power outages.
  • Options can power your house for several days, weeks, or continuous operation.
  • Operates central systems like lighting, internet, heating and air conditioning, TV, etc.
  • Can power everything or just what you need
  • Automatically disconnects the home from the utility lines when the power goes out
  • Protects from dangerous surges and voltage fluctuation when the power gets restored.
  • No need to worry during the middle of a storm or extended power outage.
  • Gives you a backup energy solution during an actual surprise emergency.
  • Ensures you and your family stay well protected during times of emergencies.
  • Stay at home during a storm or extended power outage instead of a hotel until power gets restored.

Why Choose Us For Home Generators?

No matter the service you need, you'll always get quality work from our professionals. We're the electrical contractor to trust in Plano and the surrounding areas for generators. We've installed all types of backup power systems and can help you choose the right equipment.

  • Certified in Generators
  • Reliable home Generators
  • Expert Installation Service
  • Reasonable Estimates

If it's time to look into what it would take to install a home generator in your Plano area home, we offer competitive estimates and consultations. Let's get together to go over all the different backup power systems available so you can make an informed decision for your home and family.

Our Plano electricians at Adis Electric want to help make it easy for you to install a quality backup you can depend on to power all types of systems in your home. We ready to help you through the entire process of choosing the right size and type of backup power system, so give us a call to get started.

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