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Home Electrical Contractor Knob Tube Wiring Replacement

Update Your Plano Home's Wiring With Knob And Tube Replacement

Knob And Tube Replacement

If the current electrical system in your Plano area home is getting overloaded, it may be due to old, outdated wiring. Older homes dated before about 1950 need various electric service upgrades, which may include knob-and-tube-wiring replacement as well as upgrading the service to the house from the Weatherhead. Upgrading the electrical panel and repairing the meter base may also be necessary.

Older homes often need a knob-and-tube-wiring replacement because the insulation around the wires is so old. We demand so much more from our homes in terms of power today. Many need to hire a professional electrician to perform a knob-and-tube-wiring replacement, and some also upgrade the electrical panel from 60 amps to 200 amps or higher.

There are times when our Plano customers are ready to get a new heavy appliance installed, but we simply can't do it without a knob-and-tube-wiring replacement. If you need new wiring or you're experiencing an electrical problem and don't know what's going on, call us for an assessment. You may need to redo all the wiring completely, or it may just need to be repaired.

Give our pros a call today if you believe you need to replace the old wiring in your home or building. Adis Electric offers free estimates and consultations to local area residents for professional electrical contractor services in the Plano, Richardson, and other areas.

  • Licensed & Insured Master Electrician
  • Free Inspection, Estimate & Consultation
  • All work conforms to Electrical Safety Codes

Signs You May Need A Knob-and-Tube Wiring replacement

Let's say you have an older home in Dallas or nearby that has outdated wiring, but you're not having problems. Upgrading the electrical wiring or other systems may not be necessary. You may only need repairs instead. We can assess the age and condition of your house's wiring, electrical panel, and all the other components and provide you with the knob-and-tube-wiring replacement if necessary.

Overloading the electrical system in your house can cause a house fire. Tripping breakers, flickering lights, bad outlets, sparks, and shocks are all signs you need to hire an electrical contractor for troubleshooting. An outdated electric service and old wiring can cause house fires. If you need electrical repairs done, call our electricians.

  • Popping sounds & sparks
  • Flickering lights
  • Tripping breakers
  • Not enough power to run everything at the same time
  • Your installing new appliances
  • You have to use too many extension cords

We'll be able to determine what's causing the problem and what type of upgrades you may need. Whether it's a complete home rewiring or repair work, we'll always provide you with honest advice you can trust. Play it safe by calling our Plano electricians as soon as possible.

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