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Protect Your Expensive Plano Electronics With Surge Protection

Surge Protection

When power surges happen, and they happen a lot in some areas, it can cause a significant number of problems with the appliances and other parts of the electrical system in a home. Unfortunately, they happen whether you like it or not, so getting home surge protection of some type makes sense.

While many people opt for the portable power strips with surge protectors inside, it doesn't do enough to protect all their valuable electronics as well as appliances, home lighting, heating and cooling equipment, and everything else. Plus, they're all rated differently for how much power they can take, and none of them can do what a whole-home surge protection system can.

To protect everything in your Plano area home, our electrician can install a surge protection system directly into your main electrical panel (breaker box). However, this still only protects everything over the power lines and not the electronics attached to phone lines, network cabling, satellite, or internet cables.

These systems are different and will require specific surge protective devices made to protect computers, printers, phones, and everything else attached to the network.

Adis Electric is a local Plano electrical contractor who can assist you with service. We can send a reliable electrician to your home to help you determine what's necessary for surge protection for your whole house. If you're interested, it can include your phone and internet cabling. Our team of electricians offers flexible services in Plano and the surrounding areas that we tailor to our customer's needs.

If you're looking for an installation for your home or you need repair service, call our Plano specialists at Adis Electric for a competitive Estimate and Consultation today. We can give you a competitive quote with upfront costs that won't have hidden fees later.

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Disruptions in Power and Surge Protection

Installing a multi-level surge protection system is the key to protecting your home from most power surges. Unfortunately, there's no way to ensure power surges won't happen because there are many different reasons why they occur. There's never ample warning given for you to go around your Plano house an unplug everything.

  • Lightning strikes
  • Downed power lines
  • Power problems within the house
  • Faulty electronics and major appliances
  • Power grid switching by the electric company (happens regularly)
  • High electricity demand by your household
  • Faulty wiring, shorts, or other electrical problems

Plus, your lighting and other major systems can be damaged. A multi-level protection system is designed by our professional electrician to ensure you have 100% protection from these unfortunate surprises. Contact Adis Electric today with questions or to set up your competitive estimate.

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