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Wouldn't it be nice if things never broke? While we can dream of that happening one day, Adis Electric is prepared for reality. And the reality is things break every day. Outlets short out; breakers fail, light switches stop working, and Adis Electric is prepared to handle every one of them quickly.

Read more about our repair services:

  • Code Corrections
  • Electrical Maintenance
  • Electrical Troubleshooting
  • Outlets and Switches

Call (214) 613-1000 or complete our online request form to schedule an electrical repair service appointment with Adis Electric.

What your neighbors say about us.

Adis and his team were great! They responded quickly, were professional and knowledgable, and didn't jump right into a solution that would make them the most money. Instead they took time to talk through everything and made sure I felt comfortable before moving forward.

Ashton K
May 8, 2022

This small business helped me when I needed it for a house inspection. They were super kind and came out on a fully booked day! Simple repair yet so helpful!

Lisa Carmichael
April 4, 2022

Very professional and knew what he was doing. Took time to explain things to me when I had questions. Over all excellent experience.

John Nissley
April 4, 2022

excellent service

Jill Little
March 26, 2022

Cannot recommend Adis Electric enough! They were professional, efficient, competent, and competitively priced. Each professional we encountered took time to explain the work needed, thoroughly answer our questions, and update us throughout the project. A bonus was the kindliness of the professionals and the genuine concern/care they approached our project with.

Noelle Culp
March 24, 2022