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Home Electrician Tips How To Know If Your Plano Home Needs a Panel Upgrade

How To Know If Your Plano Home Needs a Panel Upgrade

How to know if you Plano home needs a panel upgrade - Adis Electric LLC

Buying an older home is a wise investment, as long as you're aware of some of the unique challenges that you may be facing. One of these issues that you will probably need to deal with is the need for a panel upgrade. Your panel is made up of fuses and circuit breakers and act as the control center behind the scenes for all of the electrical work in your home. Older panels may not work as well, or today's higher demand for electrical supplies can put them to the test so here is how to know if you should be looking to change out your panel.

Red Flags to Watch For

Some of the signs that you should call in a professional to update and upgrade your panel are:

  • Relying on power strips and extension cords – The occasional power strip or extension cord is fine, but not if your home is beginning to look rewired with these. Not only is this a drain on your main panel, which will end up tripping breakers and blowing fuses, it is also a huge safety concern.
  • Noticing your faulty wiring – Flickering or dimming lights, a buzzing or humming sound or any type of burning smell are all red flags that your wiring is in need of updating. Too many homeowners assume that they just need to "learn to live with it" when this could not be further from the truth. Don't put your safety, or the safety of those that you love, at risk by ignoring these telltale signs that it is time to update your panel.
  • Constant upkeep – Another thing homeowners train themselves to live with is the constant need to replace fuses or switch back tripped breakers. This is not something to just deal with; this is your electrical panel trying to tell you something – stop ignoring the message. The occasional fuse replacement or tripped breaker is acceptable but should not be a routine chore.

Calling in the Experts

If you are ready to make a chance in your home, by updating your panel, it is time to give the professional Plano electricians here at Adis Electric a call. We look forward to working with you and helping address your need for serious electrical work, such as panel upgrades. Don't take chances when it comes to the wiring in your home and end up putting the lives of your loved ones at risk. Give us a call right now so that we can help you make changes and improvements to the most important aspect of your residential structure.

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