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When the time comes that you know you are in need of an University Park electrical service professional, you need to know that the name you can trust in is Adis Electric. We are the skilled experts who can take care of just about any job you have, related to electrical work. This is because we focus only on this area of expertise, which means we have the training, skills and hands on experience necessary to get the job done. Now, we look forward to helping you take care of the work you need done, so that you can feel confident knowing that it has been carried out in a prompt and professional manner.

We also make it a point to offer a wide variety of essential services so that you can rely on us for all that you need taken care of. So for work spanning from minor repair needs to major installation work, we will be there for you. You should never take a gamble when it comes to the work that goes into keeping your home or business safe, in regards to the quality of work for your electrical services. Don't be fooled by anyone claiming that they can offer you the same level of quality services without the proper credentials to take care of this type of work.

University Park Residential Electrical Work

So what type of credentials should your University Park electrician have? For one thing, they should have the obvious basics like a license and insurance. That may sound like a given, yet you would be surprised to find out how many so-called, self-proclaimed pros don't bother to renew these required basics. That means that if something goes wrong with the work they do, they won't have the insurance to cover the damage and your insurance may not cover it if you hire someone without a license.

You also want to make sure that this person has, not just initial training, but ongoing training course. The world of electrical wiring has changed over the years and decades; you need to know that you have someone familiar with how to properly replace aluminum wiring or knob and tube wiring. This should also include actual time spent working in the field, gaining hands on experience. The good news is that our crew has all of the above and more, so give us a call to get started.

University Park Commercial Electrician Services

We don't just want to help locals address their need for residential work, which is why we also offer commercial services too. When it comes to all of your University Park electrical work, the only name that you need to know to call on is Adis Electric. Don't delay; give us a call right now so that we can address your service needs with the skill, precision, accuracy and care you deserve.

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If you are looking for a University Park Electrician then please call 214-613-1000 or complete our online request form.