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Your Trusted Electrician in University Park, TX

University Park Electrician

Adis Electric is a well-qualified electrician serving homeowners in University Park, TX, and the surrounding areas. As a licensed electrician providing a range of services, Adis Electric has been the trusted pro for all types of electrical repairs, rewiring, lighting installations, panel upgrades, and much more in the local University Park area.

Our electricians are highly skilled, dedicated to the quality of our work, and ready to meet your service needs. We have the skill and ability to take care of all your electrical services from the simple outlet repair to the more complex troubleshooting and electrical repair work it takes to keep up with the system as the years pass.

We also install generators, surge protection systems, and EV car chargers for local homeowners.

If you'd like to receive a reasonably priced estimate or need more information about our electrical services in University Park, call us! We're happy to assist you today.

  • Dependable, Professional, Experienced
  • Serving University Park Since 2001
  • Licensed and Insured Electrical Contractors
  • Complete Residential and Commercial Electrical

Electrical Repairs and Expert Troubleshooting

You and your University Park family rely on your home's electrical system to operate safely and efficiently at all times. Whether you're cooking dinner for the night, going to bed, leaving the house, or staying in, your day to day activities depend on having electricity.

When something goes wrong, like the lighting or the primary electrical system goes down, you can rely on us for electrical repairs and expert troubleshooting.

Our experienced professionals can provide you with the right solution after troubleshooting the issue. You'll be able to rely on all of our services if you need them, so feel free to make your appointment with one of our technicians today.

Electrical Panel Upgrades in University Park

The main electrical panel in your University Park home will need updating as the years pass by. Not only can your power needs change, but you'll likely be adding onto the system at different points.

  • When installing new appliances, you'll need to power them, so we recommend getting the panel inspected for a possible upgrade about every 5 to 10 years for electrical safety.
  • If you're already having trouble with lights flickering on and off, your outlets burn out in several rooms, or other issues with the power are concerning, give us a call. It could be something simple that we can quickly repair, or it may be time to provide you with an estimate for an electric panel upgrade.

Home Generators for Emergency Standby Power

If you're ready to install a home generator for your University Park home, we're prepared to help you with the wiring installation work. There's a great deal that goes into installing a generator, including figuring out what size will produce the power you need, where to locate it, what part of the home it needs to serve, and how it should connect to your existing utilities.

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