Plano Residential Electrician Services

Adis Electric is there for you when you need the finest in Plano residential electrician services. We can arrive at your home in order to address your need for this type of service, in a prompt and professional manner. You never want to take chances or cut corners when it comes to getting this aspect of your home taken care of – electrical work is nothing to mess around with. So make it a point to only work with reputable professionals, such as our established crew. Get in touch right now with our licensed electrician regarding your need for service or information for residential electrical services.

Aluminum Wiring Replacement

Aluminum Wiring Replacement - Adis Electric LLCIf your home is older, it may very well have aluminum wiring that needs to be replaced. This type of wiring was popular for about a decade starting in the 60's when copper was too expensive to use. Unfortunately, the lingering remnants of this era can still be found in the walls of older homes and needs to be replaced, for safety reasons. Don't put your family at risk when we can simply make things safer for you.

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Electrical Safety Inspections - Adis Electric LLC

Electrical Safety Inspection

How can you ever really know what is going on behind your walls, without having this type of essential task taken care of. Even if you have a thorough home inspection, even if your home is newer. In order to see what is going on, and spot potential red flags, you need to have a full scale electrical safety inspection.

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Home Generators

Home Generators - Adis Electric LLCWant to keep things running business as usual even when Mother Nature has other plans? One of the best ways to protect your home, and your family, from the inconvenience of a power outage is with a backup generator. Keep your lights, heating and air conditioning and refrigerator on whether you lose power for an hour or days.

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Electrical Wiring Repairs - Adis Electric LLC

Electrical Wiring

The most important system in your home is your electrical wiring. This also has the potential to be the most dangerous, if not handled properly. So make sure that you let us address your need for wiring and don't take a gamble working with someone that cuts corners or take chances when it comes to your residential wiring.

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Knob & Tube Wiring

Knob and Tube Wiring - Adis Electric LLCHomes built prior to 1950 used knob and tube wiring, which does not have the capabilities to keep up with today's technology or demand for electrical supplies. Let us safely deal with helping your home transition from this outdated style to modern electrical wiring.

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Electrical Repairs - Adis Electric LLC

Electrical Repairs

There are plenty of common electrical repair needs that may crop up, including lighting, outlets or even your ceiling fan. Don't make the mistake of ignoring this problem; that won't make it simply go away and could, in fact, lead to bigger and more dangerous problems.

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Lighting Installation - Adis Electric LLCOne of the key elements of making your home functional, as well as beautiful and safe, is your lighting. However, you cannot have proper lighting without letting our experts take care of this service for you.

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Panel Upgrades - Adis Electric LLC

Panel Upgrades

Those outdated panels, meant for electrical supply before we ended up having as many gadgets as we have now, just simply will not do any longer. Let us help you make the transition to an updated and upgraded panel so that you can stop having tripped breakers, blown fuses and make your home a safer place all around.

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Surge Protection

Surge Protection - Adis Electric LLCGround spikes before they can even enter your home and cause damage to your electronic devices with our surge protection. This is the best way to ensure that you don't end up paying for that brand new TV twice due to an electrical storm or a random surge.

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